One of the longest running Arizona parties is coming up in a few weeks and I thought it'd be interesting to talk a little bit about the party and it's main headliners since 99% of you didn't rave back in 2004 when this party first started. The first one was headlined by Starr, Sixxx, and Rize and only cost $7 at the door. If you search for it online you can still find message board and forum posts about it from Rize and other members of Cheddarcore. That and the party's website are a great way to look back in time and see how AZ parties have evolved. Since then, the show has grown and moved to Phoenix with headliners such as Scott Brown, Simon Apex, Brisk, Re-Con, Slipmatt, Darren Styles, Jamie Ritmen, Hixxy, Virus, Super k, and Breeze. Now, Kandieland 11/11/11 is almost here and with Darren Styles returning once again this party is bound to be another one for the books.

In preparation for the party, Berzerk (founder of Cheddarcore) had this to say about his experience in throwing 6 years of Kandieland, ". . . Myself and DJ Rize spent many hundreds of stressed-out hours planning and making these life celebrations happen and I want to hold on to the memories. We spent thousands of hours and walked hundreds of miles flyer-bombing the city. Over 7,000 happy hardcore fanatics have attended our shows from all over the world. The memories of all the smiling faces and people coming up giving thanks for throwing the parties are very precious to me . . . hardcore 'til I die."

Along with that, hardcore legend James Rize posted some of his fondest memories of the party on DSI, "Drawing out the camping raver crew at 6 am to dance to hardcore vibes at the end of the night of kl1, Slipmatt playin On A Ragga tip at KL4, Closing out KL3-6 with Forever Hardcore, Darren singing save me, Recon playing his 1st north american gig here before he was super famous, Scott Brown playing his first time in az at KL2, Looking out over the crowd at KL2 with mark at midnight, I could go on for days..."

This year Darren Styles, one of the most widely known hardcore producer, will be headlining Kandieland 11/11/11. From his first album "All of the UK," produced with Force to his 2010 compilation, "Feel the Pressure" he's stuck to his hardcore guns and produced some of the genre's most loved tracks such as Heartbeatz, Skydivin, Flashlight, and Come Running. In a genre that is unfortunately riddled with terribly produced tracks, Styles makes music with the quality of any top notch DJ around today.

One of the more dominant HHC djs in the AZ scene is DJ Maromi who has a very obvious passion for this kind of music. "The first rave I ever went to was Feb 19 2000 specifically to see Force and Styles and it hooked me for life. The first record I ever bought was"Field of Dreams" and I have been collecting Darren's tracks ever since. His work has had a huge impact on me and influenced me to not only obsessively collect hhc vinyl but inspired me to want to dj so that I could infect as many people as possible with this amazing style of music." Maromi's constantly updated mixes prove that point and you'll get to hear her music at Kandieland as well as Styles.

Another powerhouse HHC producer you'll see at Kandieland is Re-Con. Besides also being the vocalist for Ultrabeat, Re-Con has been in the scene since the 90's and with his #2 hit, "Pretty Green Eyes" he instantly became one of the genres favorite producers. The party's premeire DJ and promoter, Cojami, had this to say about him: "To me, Re-Con was part of the main force which helped propel Hardcore to its glory days. His voice helped shaped a lot of the fantastic tunes, like Pretty Green Eyes, that really knew how to tug at something inside and made a perfect blend of the old school cheesiness with newer, up to date beats. Personally, hearing him sing Right Here Right Now was one of my most memorable party experiences, and definitely helped inspire me to share the music I enjoyed with other people. I constantly see him in my sets; he has had such a profound influence on the genre that his signature has stylized a lot of the newer hardcore of the past few years. I also find it impressive that, despite how niche the genre really is, he has constantly supported new releases all the while working as Ultrabeat. I’ve seen him perform a couple times now, and you can tell that he absolutely loves performing, and perhaps more important, he truly does loves the music. His energy is always through the roof, and he really knows how to whip a crowd up. I’m excited that we were able to get him on the line up because he has never failed to entertain, and I am absolutely sure that 11/11/11 is going to take the care for the most memorable night for hardcore in America!"

If you call yourself a raver, you absolutely can't miss this party. While hardcore hasn't been the #1 genre in the scene for several years, it's artists and unforgettable tracks shouldn't be forgotten. Take one night to celebrate the scene and support the people that helped make it what it is today. Kandieland 11/11/11 - Don't miss it!

Also, for you hardcore junkies, some of the Kandieland DJs will be spinning a promotional live set on Di.Fm, a 3 hour mega mix for Kandieland. Make sure to check it out on Nov. 9th at 1pm PST. You'll get to hear performances by Sparrow, Maromi, Rize, Cojami, and Mako.